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SIP MEDUSA T952 Compact Generator



SIP MEDUSA T952 Compact Generator

Key Features:

  • EURO V 60cc (2hp) 2-stroke air-cooled engine
  • 230v UK output and 12v auxiliary output up to 40Ah
  • Delivers peak output of 750w & 650w contin. output
  • Metal-covered voltmeter indicates output voltage
  • 4ltr petrol tank provides 6.5hr max. runtime
  • Compact and portable design with carry handle


Technical Data:

Item No. 03920
Engine Type: EURO V 60cc (2hp) 2-stroke 1-cylinder air-cooled
Alternator Type: Brushed
Max. Rated Output: 750w
Contin. Rated Output: 650w
Output Sockets: 1x 230v (13A)
AC Voltage: 230v 50Hz
DC Voltage: 12v
DC Current: 4.2A
DC Output Capacity: 40Ah
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4ltr
Approx. Runtime: 6.5hrs
Sound Power (LwA): 91dB(A)

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